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Decimus - The Society Journal

Decimus is the bi-annual journal of The Decimus Burton Society. The journal is A4 sized, with typically 40 pages. It contains articles relating to the life and times of Decimus Burton (many by eminent academics and professionals), news items, book reviews, Society events, and other topics that we believe our members would find of interest.

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   Issue 1

Decimus Burton – Architect and Gentleman 1800 – 1881, 

by Dr Philip Whitbourn, a recognised authority on the work of Decimus Burton, and joint organiser, with Philip Miller, of the acclaimed exhibition in 1981 to mark the centenary of the architect’s death.

The Residents of Calverley Terrace and Calverley Parade, by Dr Chris Jones, a leading authority on the social and architectural history of Burton’s buildings in the Tunbridge Wells Calverley New Town development of the 1830s.

The Temperate House, Kew Gardens, by Aimee Felton, project architect for the recent restoration of this iconic building.

Sir John Soane, by Sue Palmer, Archivist and Head of Library Services at the Sir John Soane’s Museum.

Christopher Maxwell-Stuart on Decimus Burton, by Christopher Maxwell-Stuart, past and present owner of Burton buildings, and the current Chairman of the Burtons’ St. Leonard’s Society.

Richard Turner and Decimus Burton, by Kate Teltscher, acclaimed author of the recently published book “Palace of Palms – Tropical Dreams and the Making of Kew”.

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   Issue 2

Architecture and Gentility: The Cult of the Villa, 

by Rosemary Yallop  

Decimus Burton and The Beulah Spa,

by Chris Shields

The Founding of Fleetwood, Lancashire – Part 1,
by Richard Gillingham

Decimus Burton’s Holwood House,
by Simon Gooch

Mitchells, Tunbridge Wells, Villa – but what did it look like,

by Dr Chris Jones

Holy Trinity, Tunbridge Wells: a Conservation Plan for its future, 

by Stuart Page 

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   Issue 3

The Founding of Fleetwood (Part 2)

by Richard Gillingham  

Bath and Burton’s Curve,

by Elizabeth Nathaniels

The Rejuvenation of Hyde Park,

by Harry Reid

Rescuing the Wellington Arch (Part 1),
by Alasdair Glass

61 Calverley Road, Tunbridge Wells,

by Stuart Page

Saving Burton’s Ven House drawings

by Paul Avis


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   Issue 4

The Decimus Burton Museum Project

by Paul Avis  

The Wellington Arch (Part 2),

by Alasdair Glass

Grimston Park,

by John Fielden

The Colosseum – Burton’s lost masterpiece,
by Paul Avis

Progress at Trinity Theatre - Trinity Clocktower project update,

by Kaner Olette

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